Monday, August 04, 2008

"I've been down so god damn long, so it looks like up to me"

That kind of gather the last couple of months I'm afraid. Been having moodswings before, but just when I thought I hit rock bottom, another abyss opened up.

It's the world I guess.
Me and the world just doesn't seem to be able to make friends.
The shallowness and demands on happy life, images successful career and love seems to mismatch my reality and only lead to alienation.
Only time i seem to find some solace, is in the music sometimes, in art, in scribbling words into weird songs.

Sometimes the best solution seem building that little rocket to the moon.
Seclusion instead of this crowded place.

Jolly Bob has left the building. Andreas is the only one left.


I wrote another song today. I named it Revolution Song.
Because it is time for a revolution.
I might be on my knees, but not on my back.

Keep updated for more of these happy and uplifting messages.

And for those who feels like being experimental listeners for some new tunes, give me a holler and I'll let you.

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