Thursday, May 01, 2008

Yes, I might be the laziest man on this little planet, but something new is about to happen. will multiply and have a child. The new site will be, where I will use an easier way to update the site, so even I can keep everyone directly updated with pictures, blogs, poems, lyrics etc. The main musicpage will still be though. Here I will still update what´s happening on the musicfront and upload the latest songs etc. And offcourse there is always as well.

So, what is happening with the music. Well, we have, as mentioned before, recorded a couple of songs and I am working towards a new demo to include them. Other songs are also ready, but yet to be recorded.

I have also called upon the Wilderness Girls again. And they have heeded the call.
We are again meeting once a week at rehearsals and maybe you will be able to hear some songs, old and new, on a live-venue somewhere soon.

We have some new characters working within our little family now as well. Henrik is still around, working different instruments, as well is Niclas still on bass. Now there is also also Tove on violin and mandolin (playing violin on Arms in last demo Crosscuts), and Marcus on guitar and piano (producer and instrumentalist on upcoming Small town boy in the next demo The Atonement of Abaddon). Hopefully these new instrumentalists will make me see some new ways and give inspiration, while also adding to the general sound live.

Btw: the guestbook here is seldom used. Pop a few words and say hi, and make a mark that you've been here visiting. and maybe I will as well.

Take care
/Andreas Borg

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