Thursday, April 03, 2008

I know...
I know I am a slow one to update and to adress you all, who actually want to know what..s going on. So help me please. Comment and raise your voices, tell me and help me, what I should tell you. It has never been one of my stronger sides to feel the urge to speak up so be welcome to it.
I have at least put up some other songs here. Old ones, yes I know. But keep hope up. I have been down in the tunnels, in the studio, to bring some new gold up to the surface, and I have succeeded. I just donít know if I will bring them out on a demo yet, or just let em be, or bring em up one by one. I have recorded "Babylon", a song of my only friend, alienation, and I have also just finished "Small town boy", a song of my upbringing. Maybe they will be here soon, as a sneaky preview or whatever.
Give me some feedback you bastards, and maybe I will reach out of this shell of mine.
Over and out
Andreas Borg

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