Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy X-mas everyone!
And may the next year show mercy on you all.

Yes, I did survive this year as well, and I'm currently working on the next demo.
Slowly the idea of it is forming in my brain and I am putting bits and pieces together, picking out the songs and context.
It will go back a bit to the old known lands of Mr Borg and the well-known characters will make their re-appearances. Same old stories from different points of view and interest-points I suppose.

I am currently working with some different musicians (have I said that before?) to find new versions and sounds for an old song, "Small town boy", and no it's not the old Bronski Beat tune. (But make sure to watch the video of that one. It's brilliant.)

I am also trying to stitch the bodyparts of "The Ballad of Mary O'Rye" together in a version that doesn't hurt innocent little ears too much.

I also wrote some new lyrics to old chords and the result was "Babylon", another gloomy tune about my constant companion, alienation.

And for all you lazy bastards out there, I have been so kind to put all the songs on pirate bay for you to download. Help seeding please.
Some songs from "Crosscuts" are also up on
Listen in if you havn't already.

Peace. And take care.


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